The road to recovery is not simple, and we understand that it may not be a comfortable experience for you. At Avila Heights, we strive to provide as much comfort as possible within our installations. The secluded and private location will make you feel secure from the beginning. At each area of our treatment center, we offer the best and most luxurious experience we can to make you feel as at ease as possible. We look into every aspect of your stay, and work with the best professionals and products to source high-quality services and services. We know you’ll only stay with us for some time, and we want that part of your life to be the best it can possibly can.

Private Room

For the customer that seeks ultimate private facilities, our private rooms offer a personal space for you to reflect, unwind, and process everything you’re going through. This space will be your personal nook to retrieve and make some internal work. We offer neutral tones in the design of the rooms to make your space a calm environment where you can unwind. You will have a well-lit bedroom, with a desk for you to journal, or take a breath in the early mornings before the activities. Your private bedroom and bathroom will offer a tranquil space for you to recharge and make the most out of your time with us.

Shared Room

Our shared rooms are far from uncomfortable. With a large space between beds, and two sinks in the bathroom, our shared rooms offer comfort and personal space for you. You’ll be able to unwind, and share a more personal connection with your partner. This is a perfect option if you’re seeking to engage more with other participants in the program, you may find kindred spirits or experiences that can boost your recovery. Our luxury facilities take into consideration the need for alone time, and shared rooms allow that with their well-thought design and distribution.


Your weekly sessions are a space for confidential and in-depth conversations with your assigned therapist. Private therapy is targeted at addressing the inner work you must do to successfully leave our programs, and hopefully return only for prevention services. Our licensed counselors will offer professional therapy with particular experience in dealing with addiction, this is not your everyday therapist. We make sure our staff is specialized in dealing with the inner works of addiction to offer you the best counseling possible. Private therapy is essential to your recovery process, and our private rooms offer an environment that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

Gourmet Kitchen

The way you nurture your body is linked to the way you nurture your soul. Our gourmet kitchen will be delighted to present you with delicious and nutritious meals to make this process more enjoyable. Good, and nutrient-dense foods are excellent in aiding with tough emotional processes. Our luxury kitchen staff will provide exactly that, so every meal helps your body recover as fast as possible. The meals you will be having at our center are aimed to help boost your health while adjusting to your specific necessities. Whole foods and fresh ingredients are a staple in the kitchen at Avila Heights, we want you to nourish your body, so your recovery extends into a healthier and stronger you.


There’s no gourmet kitchen without an experienced chef. Our chef will make every meal a delight, according to any food restrictions you may have. You will be served a variety of meals with gourmet ingredients and preparations that will make it impossible not to like them. Our chef is also aware of how tough recovery can be for the body and takes that into consideration when preparing the menus. In-season ingredients are favored so you get the best taste possible, and don’t get bored with the food you’re having while recovering. Delicious meals add to our luxurious treatment center.

Personal Gym

Addiction can take a toll on your physical strength and mobility. When you begin to go past the emotional and mental cloud of addiction and detox, focusing on your body is an amazing way to move forward. At Avila Heights, we make sure you have access to a private gym that allows you to build physical strength while you’re building mental one. Our gym facilities provide ample equipment and guidance so you can regain confidence in your body while working on other aspects of your recovery. Given our holistic approach to addiction recovery, a clean and inviting gym space where you can make the most out of your time with us is essential. The gym you will have access to will over equipment for strength and cardio activities, in a clean space so you feel good being in there.
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