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We pride ourselves on the expertise of our team members, their dedication to our client’s success, and the delicate care they have for them. To ensure you are treated by highly trained and qualified professionals we have a thorough process of selection. With confidential care and handling of our client’ information, and with an acute sense of how to provide the best for each process, our team delivers beyond expectation, every time.

Find Freedom From Addiction

The first step in the addiction treatment and recovery process is that moment when you or your loved one admits they have a problem and they need help to address it. It is an important step and it goes beyond only treating it with abstinence. Avila Heights is a treatment center with verified methodologies that are successful because we take everything into account. Addiction and its recovery need to be an integrated process that englobes all the aspects of an individual. This is the one way to make a successful process, while our residency, and outside of it.

Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Our holistic approach looks at the person battling addiction in all aspects of their life. We take into consideration mind, body, and soul because we know this disease takes a toll in all of those areas. When you lead and approach yourself with compassion during this process, your soul will also awaken to mend what was once broken. We believe this is the way to go about this process, with compassion and looking deep into your soul. The manifestation of addiction in your body is the consequence, of whatever emotional or mental issues you haven’t fully addressed. With our holistic emphasis and methods, you will reach that awareness within you.

Dual Diagnosis

Understanding the motives behind how and why an individual slips into addictive behaviors is essential to regaining control of personal choice. Since drug and alcohol addiction is a recurring disease, personal choice is questioned each day through the people, places, and memories that can taunt a person towards relapse. The holistic approach looks into this and provides tools that help calm, the mind and better handle daily circumstances.
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