Packing List


our priority is to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. To help you enjoy your experience while here, we have provided a suggested packing list:

Good To Bring:

  • A list of phone numbers for family, friends, healthcare professionals, sponsors etc.

  • All medications you are currently taking in the labeled bottle from the pharmacy (no samples)

  • Small amount of cash ($20-30) (This will be kept in a safe until needed.)

  • All insurance cards – including medical, prescription, and dental cards (The cost of medications is not included in the program. These will be kept in a safe until needed.)

  • Credit/debit cards (These will be kept in a safe until needed.)

  • Stamps and envelopes

  • Pictures of loved ones

  • Jewelry you wear everyday, such as a wedding ring or watch. (Please leave any expensive jewelry at home.)

  • A week’s worth of clothing. (Make sure it is comfortable and appropriate.)

  • Seasonal clothing such as warm coat or jacket, hat, shorts (knee length), sunglasses

  • Workout clothes for exercise/outdoor activities

  • Bathing suit that’s not too revealing. (Bring a one piece to be on the safe side.)

  • Shoes: tennis shoes, sandals, and everyday comfortable shoes.

  • Socks/undergarments

  • Pajamas/slippers

  • Toiletries not containing alcohol

  • Sunscreen

  • A few books. (Reading and entertainment materials will be provided, but if you have a few you’d like to read in your downtime, then bring them.)

  • Thirty days’ worth of cigarettes if desired


  • Illegal substances, alcohol, and weapons. (Any of these items will be disposed of upon arrival, obviously.)

  • Sharp objects such as scissors, razors, nail clippers etc. (These will be kept by the clinical staff until you would like to “check them out” to use.)

  • Medications, prescribed or unprescribed (The facility will keep these locked up or dispose of them upon arrival. Your on-site psychiatrist will prescribe you any medications that they deem appropriate, and staff will distribute them to you throughout the day.)

  • Unapproved or previously opened over-the-counter medications

  • Any toiletry items that contain alcohol, such as: mouthwash, perfumes, some hair styling product

  • Candles/incense

  • Revealing clothing or clothing related to drug or alcohol use

  • Electronics (Any electronics will be locked away.)

  • Aerosols

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