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Our luxury treatment center will offer you all the support needed to get you through the recovery process with minimal worry and concern. Our primary goal is to help you overcome your dependencies and ensure the best stakes for long-term recovery success. Our programs treat you in luxury facilities with premium services and professionals so you can return to your life as soon as possible as a renovated, and healed version of yourself. We know you can do this, and we are here to help you through it.

Medical Detox​

Medical detox is the first step in the recovery process for those who are battling drug and alcohol addiction. The process allows the body to rid itself of toxins that have built up as a result of substance abuse. During this process, clients experience withdrawal symptoms, which consist of physical and psychological reactions due to the cessation of substance use. While it is an uncomfortable process, it is the first step to getting your body and mind into a place where they can begin to heal. It’s a three-step process – evaluation, stabilization, and preparation – that takes between 7 to 10 days, and it is tailored to your needs and particular circumstances.


This is the part where you start to get and feel better. Your residential recovery includes elite care every step of the way to ensure your health is at its best and the programs you’ll take part in are exactly what you require. Your health will be assessed, as well as your intrapersonal relations and environmental components of your addiction. This will help prepare everything you need for your stay with us. Any additional conditions such as anxiety or depression will be taken care of by our experienced staff members. We will address and manage all components of your emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

Relapse Prevention

Our integrated treatment approach includes an addiction case manager by your side to help you get the most out of our installations. Discreet and premium care prevention services are available for people who have been sober for a long period of time, as added support after your rehabilitation program, or as reinforcements for better management of triggers. Our relapse prevention services are how you keep ahead of your addiction and maintain a sober life, especially outside of our facilities. Prevention shouldn’t be an afterthought, and it isn’t one at Avila Heights luxury treatment center.

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