Customized, Discreet, and Cutting-Edge Therapies

At Avila Heights Recovery, your treatment plan is as individual as you are. Let us work with you to develop a clinically appropriate mix of innovative and effective modalities to help you heal from the inside out. These therapies may include a mix of the following:

Individual Therapy

Addiction has its roots in different places within each person, getting to the root of the triggers and stressors of our addiction is key to understanding the best way to move forward. Individual therapy is a safe space that allows you to explore the deep emotional causes of your addiction, from understanding comes to love, and self-love and awareness are key to your recovery. Working with discreet professionals will allow you to go deep within, and resolve this from inside outwards. Multiple weekly sessions with your primary therapist will guide you through that process.

Group Therapy

While going into rehab is a private process, listening to and seeing yourself reflect on someone else’s story is always beneficial. Understanding that while you must take care of your process on your own and for yourself, you are not alone on the road to recovery. Group therapy is a space for you to share your experiences, feel heard, and know that everything you say or listen to is private and confidential. Having this space to go over your experience, with no judgment or worry, will be of great help to your process. With a variety of groups and activities, you will encounter strength in people that are going through a similar experience. You will find strength in knowing you are understood by others, some may be ahead of you in the process, and is always reassuring to know it is possible to get there.


Being a cutting-edge treatment center, psychotherapy is key to the process and has been used for years to treat addiction. This type of therapy addresses the root causes of your addiction, being that it’s most likely the result of trauma or psychological problems that haven’t been properly dealt with. Addressing these root causes will help with long-term recovery and sobriety, which will aid in avoiding a relapse. It’s an essential element to heal, rather than only treat the symptoms.

EMDR Therapy

In line with the benefits of Psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, distressing life experiences, or panic disorders. EDMR allows you to heal the brain by resolving unprocessed life events that had an important impact. This therapy method goes beyond talking about whatever you need to sort out, it will help you process memories that trigger the “fight and flight” response to address them differently.
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